This is Laduma

Laduma is a game-changing VR company that harnesses the power of visual storytelling to transport you to faraway lands and put you in places you can only dream about.

We produce stunning content, primarily for sport and entertainment brands, to bring you face-to-face with your heroes. Using our cutting-edge camera system and ground-breaking technology, we deliver powerful, emotional experiences that help brands drive unparalleled engagement and loyalty. Our promise to clients is that we will bring something different to the party and that our work will always speak for itself.

What we do

Operating in the UK, USA and South Africa, Laduma is a company built on daring and innovative storytelling. Our dynamic team of rising stars and industry experts will re-conceive the way your story is told and then deliver it by captivating the imagination of your audience in either a purpose-built VR app or by attaching our technology to your existing platform.

Virtual Reality

Our team has produced content for world renowned broadcasters, worked with iconic movie studios and led on content creation for global sports brands. Our aim with the fantastic VR content we produce is to get under the skin and give the audience a view from the inside out. Our work with leading sports and entertainment stars has been about creating experiences that are original and engaging. There is a lot of noise on the block. But we know how to make you stand out and be heard above the crowd.


All 360 video is not created equal. With Laduma, seeing really is believing. We want to show that you real VR can take you far beyond what you have seen on Facebook and YouTube. Our strategies help sports teams create cutting-edge training programmes, as well as smart ways to deliver and then monetise VR content for their fans. Starting with a factory of ideas, moving to expert production, stitching and delivery, we know how to deliver measurable, meaningful and lasting success.


We spot trends, look around corners and keep our ears to the ground. Our bespoke and highly-secretive VR camera system is industry leading and the technology we use to deliver that content can be created bespoke for you. We strive for a perfect harmony of concept and execution through a fusion of content and technology. We’re all about delivering those wow moments.